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The Broadband Scheduler application has two options for enabling the connection

1. Settings for Dial-up Connection ( Support Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7 )
Users connect to Broadband manually by using Dial-up connection setup.

Setps :

i. Selet the Dail-up Name.
ii. Set the Start Time and Stop Time.
iii. Click on Start Button. Do you want to shutdown the computer, please select the 'Shutdown the Computer'.

2. Settings for Auto Dial Connection (PPPoE Modem Auto Dail) - Support only on Windows XP and 2000
The ADSL Modem will automatically connect to Internet at time of start up. The User ID and Password are saved on the ADSL Modem.

Some Initial Settings required for this function and this function support only on Windows XP and Window 2000 OS.

i. Open the Installed Directory of 'BroadBand Scheduler'.
ii. Open and Edit the file "BroadBand Scheduler.exe.config" ( Open this file in Notepad ).
ii. Please find the key "NetworkConnetionName" and replace the value with your Local Area Adapter Connection name in the Network Connections folder.
iv. Save the file and Close it.

The following prerequisites is required:

.NET Framework 2.0

Screen Shot:


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